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We offer escape rooms and games for purchase anywhere in the world.

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Escape Room Design

We have a number of different escape room designs available for franchise. Each one can be adapted to fit your own space, all you have to do is send us your floor plan and we will design the games to work for your space.

On Site Assistance

We can send experienced members of staff to your location to assist you in setting up your first ever escape room. They will help you set up the room and answer any of the questions that you will have.

Proven Track Record

Our room designs have been sold to over 30 locations in 14 different countries. All our room designs have been tested by thousands of customers who have played in our branches in Great Britain.

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Rooms Available

Breakout Manchester is one of the most successful escape game centres in the UK and we believe that the excellent design flow and story lines are the key to our success.

The undeniable popularity of this brand has inspired the development of the franchise in order for our extensive knowledge to be passed on to help others in setting up their own successful game centre. Due to the success of Breakout Manchester, Breakout opened another centre in Liverpool in March 2015, Cardiff in June 2016 and Chester in November 2016.


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